Bitcoin now accepted!

January 16th, 2014

Bitcoin now accepts Bitcoin.  After following Bitcoin and researching how easy it is for a business to process Bitcoin through BitPay, the CEO of Dan Haski has decided that in this day and age accepting Bitcoin for a company like is trivial.

“Adding Bitcoin was one of the easiest things to add to the company.”

For those of you who don’t know, Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency and many business such as WordPress, and now soon even Zynga have started accepting it.

Dan believes Bitcoin will open new avenues for online commerce previously not available and that we are at a paradigm shift in the world of finance.

When asked about adding Bitcoin support into Power Dispatch, the company’s service management software, Dan said, “if our customers ask for it, we will bring it to them. Customer satisfaction is very important for Seyego as we put an emphasis on providing the highest level of technical support and customer service we can.”

Payment with Bitcoin is now available for all of Seyego’s products including website design, Google AdWords campaigns and Power Dispatch software.

Customer Payment Policy 4.0

April 20th, 2012

We have established a new set of payment policies regarding website rentals and software products.  We would like to provide that document to you online for your reference.  Thank you!

Do I need SEO?

January 23rd, 2012

Phone books, flyers and direct mailing campaigns are becoming less effective in today’s modern society. We are living in a world where customers use Google to find the products and services they need. If you want your company to stay competitive in your industry; SEO, along with other innovative internet marketing strategies is your best solution.

What is SEO?  Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website on search engines through unpaid, or organic search engine results.

SEO considers how search engines work, what individual search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are used most by their target audience. Optimizing a website involves editing its content and HTML to increase its relevance to specific keywords. Increasing the number of backlinks is another SEO tactic.

SEO techniques can be classified into two categories: techniques that search engines recommend, and techniques which search engines do not approve. Some individuals have classified these methods as white hat SEO, or black hat SEO. White hats produce results that last a long time, which is why Seyego creates a customized plan for each client involving all of the best techniques.

Power Dispatch Hosting Update

January 19th, 2011

Here at Seyego we know it is important to keep up to date on all the new modern technology. So, we have recently switched our software Power Dispatch from traditional hosting to cloud hosting. You may be thinking, why would I care about that? Well, cloud hosting basically makes life easier for you and us.

It does this by making the system…

…faster by optimizing usability.
…more efficient  by centralizing storage, memory, processing and bandwidth.
…cost less by running business applications over the internet.
…with larger capacities and functionality to meet your demands.
…accessible to you from any computer anytime.

We hope that this makes everyone’s lives a little less complicated in this fast paced world of technology. :)

Producing Good Content: Quality over Quantity

January 19th, 2011

The layout, structure, and design of your blog or website are important factors. However, the textual content will always be the most important to search engines and your readers. Producing interesting, useful, well-written online content will generate more readers, loyal readers, and help with branding your image. It will in a sense determine if what you have to say is important enough for the world to hear. There are several things you should consider when producing a new blog or article.

  • First, choose your focus. Make sure it is something you are knowledgeable about and relates to your business or blog topic. Pick one side of  your topic in order to create spirited discussions and debates from readers. Technology and general blogs, which cover a range of ideas, are the leading topics discussed on blogs.
  • Second, surf the web. Do a little research on your topic to see if there is something interesting or important you may have missed.
  • Third, treat your blog or article like a real piece of writing. Put effort and thought into what you’re writing about, after all people are researching for useful information. You should have a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Fourth, use visuals. Many people are visual learners and doing this will help keep them interested. Images have the power to communicate in ways words cannot.
  • Fifth, always keep it short! You will not hold a readers attention for long if your blog or article is a twenty-page narrative. Cut your article down, the amount of pictures you have and the length of any attached videos.
  • Sixth, keep your information up-to-date. To keep your information fresh do not just regurgitate something you have recently read. Try to add a new perspective to it.

Remember: QUALITY over QUANTITY!

If your having trouble generating new ideas or figuring out what the new hot trend is on your own, get some inspiration from these sites:

The Right Combination – Digital Solutions for Small Businesses

December 8th, 2010

The Perfect Small Business Online Marketing Combination

To establish a top-notch online presence you will need to implement an all encompassing marketing strategy. Internet marketing can provide you with instant responses by combining both the creative and technical aspects of the Internet, which include: design, development, advertising, and sales. You will reach a much larger audience for a fraction of the typical cost of an advertising campaign. You will only reach a small percentage of your target market if you only use one or two mediums, to optimize your reach you should attempt to use the following integrated marketing communications plan:

Step 1

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Improves the visibility of your web page or website in search engines via the natural (un-paid) search results. The higher on the page and more frequently your web page appears in a search engine list, the more visitors it will receive. Ways to use SEO:

  • Blogging/Writing Articles: Increase your following, get higher search engine rankings and get feedback from customers by keeping an updated blog on a publishing platform like WordPress.
  • Keyword Research: Use resources like Google AdWords Keyword Tool to detect which relevant keywords are being searched the most.
  • Unpaid Directories/Links: Increase link popularity and traffic by getting listed on directories like Dmoz, unpaid directories may take longer for your site to get listed.
  • On-site Optimization: Get even higher search engine rankings by perfecting your website text, keyword density, titles, etc.

Step 2

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Improves the visibility of your web page or website in search engines via paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion. Ways to accomplish this type of advertising:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC): Pay a set fee to an advertiser for every click you get to your website.
  • Paid Directories: Search engines will give your website top priority and you will potentially gain hundreds of thousands in your potential target market if you are listed on a paid directory like Yahoo Directory ($299).
  • Paid Searches: By paying for placement on a search engine page you can guarantee potential customers will find your website.
  • Off-site Optimization: Buying links from other websites to yours will put your page at a higher ranking if their is another page with the same keyword optimization.

Step 3

Social Media Marketing (SMM): an easily accessible platform that allows you to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share that information on their social networks. Implement a marketing campaign through sites like these:

Step 4

Viral Marketing: uses pre-existing social networks, like the ones listed above, to increase brand awareness and other marketing objectives through a self-replicating viral process. Turn your consumers into your marketing team by using the following methods:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Example: Office Max’s “Elf Yourself” campaign that launched in December 2007 was the fastest growing site of that month attracting more than 39 million unique visitors in the U.S. alone. That initial holiday campaign went on to attract a total of 100 million unique visitors worldwide. The typical user stayed on the site for approximately 7.5 minutes. The success of the 2007 campaign encouraged Office Max to roll out the dancing elves in 2008 where it was an even greater success.

Step 5

E-mail Marketing: a form of direct marketing by means of electronic mail to communicate commercial or fund-raising messages to your audience. Use this method to encourage consumer loyalty and acquire new consumers. Some helpful sites include:

Step 6

Brand Identity Execution: consistent branding of your identity across all platforms used. Every medium you use should be interconnected. An easy way to do this is to use the icon buttons designated to each tool.

  • Have a link to your Twitter page on your Facebook page and Tweet about your Facebook page.
  • In E-mails you send have links to all of your social networking sites, latest viral marketing campaign, and blog.
  • Have links to your social networking sites and latest viral marketing campaign on every blog you post.
  • It is very beneficial to set up a automated system that will post to all of your social networks when you create a blog post on your web page.

Sustainability For Your Business

December 1st, 2010

Do sustainable businesses really have a competitive advantage?

Often the importance of  branding is overlooked. You want your customers to view your business as the only viable solution for their particular problem. To establish yourself as such, you must fully understand their needs and wants. Branding is invaluable and it is important to invest time in researching your present and potential target markets.  Knowledge is power, and businesses that realize this utilize the information around them that is being distributed by the very people they are marketing to so that they can get an inside perspective on those hot topics that are most popular.

So the big question is what is hot today? If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last decade you should have at least heard of the sustainability movement.


Green is the new black, haven’t you heard? Integrating sustainable products and services can give your business the competitive edge over your competition. This strategy creates value and establishes rarity behind your brand. Consumers admire environmentally-friendly businesses, and the demand is high and rising for green products and services. According to a survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in January 2009, the trend toward buying green will continue well into the future! More consumers purchased green products in 2008 than in 2007, and more consumers were willing to pay a higher price for those green products if they were considered to be of higher quality.

Statistics to Note:

  • 93% of Americans believe companies have a responsibility to help preserve the environment. “Companies ultimately need to engage consumers and effectively communicate the impact their business practices and products have on the environment,” the agency says. “Consumers are listening.”
  • 32% of Americans say they are more interested in environmental issues than they were a year ago.
  • 85% of those surveyed said they’d consider switching products or services if they learned about a company’s negative corporate responsibility practices.
  • 72% said they would be willing to pay more for an environmentally sound purchase if it saves them money in the long run.

Remember, sustainability isn’t a fad, it is something that our society has embraced as a necessity and if you are going to use it as a marketing strategy you need to be on board. Being cleaner and greener is something your entire company needs to be behind to actually bring about a change. This decision needs to permeate across your business so that it can become a part of your company culture and brand image. Becoming environmentally friendly is a process that may be expensive to you now, but in the end you will be making a difference and will also save money in the long-run.

So, how do you approach this journey? Start by asking serious questions. Try to gain a deeper understanding of what sustainability means, and not with a “superficial raising your profits” mentality. Give your employees and customers something to get excited about. Be innovated, creative, and experimental!
To answer the question previously asked – Yes, becoming a sustainable business will give you a competitive advantage and as an added bonus, you will be making a positive impact on the planet for future generations to come.

Resources for Your Green Revolution:

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