Producing Good Content: Quality over Quantity

The layout, structure, and design of your blog or website are important factors. However, the textual content will always be the most important to search engines and your readers. Producing interesting, useful, well-written online content will generate more readers, loyal readers, and help with branding your image. It will in a sense determine if what you have to say is important enough for the world to hear. There are several things you should consider when producing a new blog or article.

  • First, choose your focus. Make sure it is something you are knowledgeable about and relates to your business or blog topic. Pick one side of  your topic in order to create spirited discussions and debates from readers. Technology and general blogs, which cover a range of ideas, are the leading topics discussed on blogs.
  • Second, surf the web. Do a little research on your topic to see if there is something interesting or important you may have missed.
  • Third, treat your blog or article like a real piece of writing. Put effort and thought into what you’re writing about, after all people are researching for useful information. You should have a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Fourth, use visuals. Many people are visual learners and doing this will help keep them interested. Images have the power to communicate in ways words cannot.
  • Fifth, always keep it short! You will not hold a readers attention for long if your blog or article is a twenty-page narrative. Cut your article down, the amount of pictures you have and the length of any attached videos.
  • Sixth, keep your information up-to-date. To keep your information fresh do not just regurgitate something you have recently read. Try to add a new perspective to it.

Remember: QUALITY over QUANTITY!

If your having trouble generating new ideas or figuring out what the new hot trend is on your own, get some inspiration from these sites:

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